Thursday, March 17, 2016


I love this photograph!  Back in August I mentioned that I had volunteered to do some photographs of the William Cullen Bryant home, Cedarmere, for a brochure that my friend Bob was writing the text for.  It was really great to spend a day in this famous house, dragging all my big electronic flash units around to light everything that I wanted to photograph.  The secret, of course is to make the photograph look as if it was not lit.  I love this picture for its design, but also for the four light sources that can be seen in the image.  Can you find them all?  They are not accidental.


ken schwarz said...

Here is my guess for the four sources of light:

1) Open door on left, first floor
2) Hall light in back of staircase, first floor
3) Hall light, second floor
4) Open door at the top of the staircase, second floor

A very nice shot by the way!

Ken Spencer said...


Studio flash unit in room to left.
Studio flash unit bounced off wall to left and behind me, main light for the stairs
Quartz light (continuous light) down first floor hall
Quartz light behind the banister on second floor
The white light through the second floor doorway is daylight.