Friday, August 11, 2017

7000 miles

When I took the buyout in March of 2008, the photo department had a going away party for me and one other staffer who was leaving at the same time.  We had dinner at a hamburger joint with a great turnout of people, which was really nice.  They took up a collection, and the other staffer and I each were presented with a card and $168.  That amount was just enough for me to buy these bicycle shoes and I thought  they were a good choice as I would be reminded each day that I rode, that I was no longer working.  They are getting pretty beat up these days, but they still work.  I have an odometer on my bike, and I passed a milestone of 7000 miles of cycling with these shoes the other day!  Wow!


Anonymous said...

WOW is right. 7000 miles is keeping you young. Nine years of riding and memories of the gift from coworkers and friends.
Great story.

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks, Joan. It did seem like the right kind of present to buy myself.

Anonymous said...

That was certainly money well spent. Keep riding!! betsey

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