Thursday, August 10, 2017

Subway Art Tour

I went to Manhattan today because I was invited by Stan and Ann to accompany them on a Subway Art Tour.  Most of the people in the group were the same people who attended the Noguchi Museum, and they are a group of some docents at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  So I rode the new Second Avenue Subway for the first time, and our tour included four of the new stations on the new line.  This first photograph of the group is taken in front of a self-portrait of artist Chuck Close, done as a mosaic.

Here is another Chuck Close portrait of a woman, done in mosaic.

And this is a portrait of Lou Reed, done with ceramic tiles that have been created from a photograph.

And this is our guide, Phil, and one of the artworks in a different subway station.


Anonymous said...

VERY Cool! Another site to see, thanks to Ken Spencer. We follow your travels and discoveries in the city and are so pleased with all of the wonders we would never have enjoyed without your blog. Thank you!

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks so much for your nice comments.

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