Thursday, August 3, 2017


This is an astounding installation in one of the largest galleries at Mass MoCA.  What we are seeing are twelve thousand eye-dazzling spinners hanging on 1,500 thin cables from floor to ceiling!  Each of the spinners create constantly changing patterns - and some are quite dizzying.  As you look more closely, you start to notice spinners surrounding images of handguns.  The name of the installation is "UNTIL" as in "Innocent Until Proven Guilty."  The artist's work began as a protective response to violence, particularly within the black community, and the recent deaths of African Americans in the United States.  

As you wander the internal pathways of the "forest" you see the spinners in different light, and they appear quite different when they are back lit as they are here.  The installation is by the artist Nick Cave.  Please click on the images so you can see all of this in more detail.


Anonymous said...

When I looked at the first photo I did not see the young man to the right. After I clicked on the photo, then I noticed the other two people in the middle of the exhibit. It really is quite mesmerizing! betsey

Ken Spencer said...

It IS an astounding work of art. You and Joan NEED to go there... :-)