Thursday, February 14, 2019

Electronically Assisted Astronomy

At last night's astronomy meeting, Steve, in the center of the photo, who is one of our members did a demonstration of something called "Electronic Assisted Astronomy."  This involves connecting a small specialized camera to the back of a small telescope, and then connecting it to a computer and making 60 exposures over 10 minutes.  What happens is that a celestial object like a faint galaxy, which appears to the human eye like a very faint gray fuzzy thing, suddenly shows color and is brighter on the computer screen.  It's like magic, and it lets you do observing in the light-polluted skies of Long Island.

This is a photograph of the screen of Steve's computer, showing in the center of the sky image, a faint galaxy, NGC 2903 in the constellation Leo, the lion.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Ken...I have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about here...but I love the photo of those four huddled together in the cold, and the lighting and the beautiful spirit of it all. Well done...and more power to them! Babs...and Will, too.