Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Snow and Fog and a Boat

I have been watching the weather forecast all week because I didn't want to have to cancel the astronomy meeting tonight.  There was the possibility of snow tonight, but so far we have not seen any.  Thinking of the snow, I thought of a photograph that I did a week or so ago - when I photographed the woman artist at work.  This photo was taken from about 50 feet away from where the painter was working.  I love the snow and the fog, and the fact that there is no color at all - everything is just gray and white.


Anonymous said...

So quiet and still. This is a beautiful winter photo. Trace

ken schwarz said...

Trace is correct; this scene is quiet, still and beautiful. I was struck by the gray tones, the boat, the snow and the overall mood of an Andrew Wyeth painting.