Friday, February 8, 2019


When I was visiting Will and Barbara, I saw so many things to photograph in and around their house! Barbara has spent a lot of time in the antique business and she has wonderful taste.  Walking up their front walk, I saw these two American flags on a lichen covered bench on the front lawn.  You know me and how I love old things, and this grabbed me right away.  I have never seen anything like these flags and they are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ken....the flags look wonderful through your magic lens! You have an open invitation to shoot away to your heart's content any old time that you want. Thank you for sharing your talent with us! Grateful hugs from your friends and fans, Babs and Will

Anonymous said...

I like the country look to this. I noticed in the other picture of their house how nice the paint colors were and the decorations on the front of the house. Trace

Anonymous said...

I like the flags but am awed by the size of the pinecones! betsey