Monday, February 18, 2019

Tide's Out

I have been doing a lot of walks lately which is great.  I would rather be riding my bike but it's too cold.  The great thing is that on my walks I get to see and photograph things along the harbor.  So the tide was out the other day, and I stopped and was taken by the patterns in the sand which were made by the water receding.  I love the pattern of the the rivulets left in the sand, and the arrangement of the dark rocks.

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Dean said...

Hi Ken-
What is your typical tidal range there - am guessing about a meter or so. Many places it is much more, including Rocky Point at the top of the Sea of Cortez that I hope to visit in a couple weeks. At the southern tip of Baja, tides are about a meter, but at the top of the sea it can be in excess of 6 meters! Analogous to a bathtub, a little splash on one end can splash out the other end, as I understand. With the shallow slopes of the beach there, at low tide the "shore" can go out hundreds of meters! Of course, highly variable on moon phase - the "big ones" happen at full and new moons... The following is
a 2.5 hour GIF of tide coming in!