Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to Shovel a Driveway

Last night we got about an inch of wet snow, and then ice, and then rain on top of that this morning. Funny thing, shoveling this stuff was almost harder than last week's show. Last week's snow was very light and fluffy. So I started in my normal way, making a one shovel-width path all the way to the street, then widening it with other passes. I thought maybe a sequence would be interesting. Maybe it is not. Maybe I should have just posted the first photograph. Maybe that one is the most interesting. I dunno. You can click on this to see the sequence in a larger size.


Anonymous said...

Interesting photo - I like you. However, as much as I am sure you like the exercise I see a snow-blower in your future.

Anonymous said...

I see a Christmas tree pattern in your driveway! bsk