Thursday, January 20, 2011

What the Kitties Saw

I looked into the living room and one of the kitties had that look. She was concentrating SO intently on something she saw through the window, outside. So I crouched down to see what it was. There was a squirrel in the Japanese maple. So I went downstairs and got the Nikon and the 200mm lens, and quietly stepped out on to the front porch. Of course, by that time, the squirrel was gone. Then I happened to turn around, and there was this other squirrel, on a lichen-covered branch of the old Dogwood tree, right in front of me! Fortunately it didn't move as I raised my camera and got off three frames.


Anonymous said...

Great photo! The branch makes everything pop!

Anonymous said...

Do you think kitty was thinking, "Oh, good, someone to play with me?" Nah. More like, "That thing's related to a rat. Yum-yum."

Sweet shot. I hear that fat squirrels are a sign of tough winters. They know enough to store up fat up because food supplies will be low.