Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The National!

One of my new favoritist groups EVER is "The National." I heard them do one number on Letterman about a year ago, and heard "something" in their music that grabbed me. So I asked Liz if she knew about them, and she sent me a few tracks. Then I got "Boxer" - one of their albums, and it was amazing. Then I got their newest album "High Violet" and it was astounding. I don't know anything about music, really, but their songs are very musical, and complex musically, and some of the songs do what Amy describes as giving her "The Chills." The National does that for me, so I got a ticket for their performance tonight at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan. The venue is relatively small and really nice, their music is great and their performance was wonderful! So glad I got to see them live.


Photodude Images said...

So you're hitting shows at the Beacon. We have 2 questions...
1. Does your AARP card give you a discount there?
2. How was the contact high?

Ken Spencer said...

No AARP discount, sadly. I saw three other people my age there. Strangely, most of the audience was in their 20's and their 30's. I was shocked... :-) Great performance by The National - lots of energy.