Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Mano a Mano

OK, so I thought that "mano a mano" meant "man to man."  How dumb am I!  It means "hand to hand" as in combat, as in a fight to the death.  Well, that's not what is happening here.  Outside the door is Grace's brother, the tabby cat.  Inside the door is Sam, who was nursed with her in New Jersey.  So this is two guys face to face.  The tabby cat is a beautiful cat, and the least afraid of all the feral cats.  Part of me wants to bring him in and add him to the collection, but that is out of the question.  So we feed him and his mother and sister when they come by which is not that often.  What makes my head spin is wondering what's in the minds of these two cats.  Sam has never been outside, and the tabby cat has never been indoors.  Such different lives.


Anonymous said...

What a great photo! Cats are interesting creatures!! Trace

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Trace: Yes they are! Infinitely fascinating, indeed!