Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Writer's Life

A writer's life...  Amy had been working on a profile of an actress for a national magazine.  She finished the piece last night, but something was not sitting quite right with her about the piece.  It was due at her editor's in New York at about 11 AM this morning.  Here's the thing - she is in Los Angeles so New York time is three hours ahead.  So to work on it, she needed to be up well before sunrise in order to have time to work on the piece.  She did that, and said that the story was much better after her work. I love that when she thought it was not *quite* right, she kept after it until it was better.


Anonymous said...

Amy is a wonderful writer!

Anonymous said...

And Dad, what were you doing up at that hour? Loving Dad snaps a picture of one of the two daughters he adores. Very sweet. Lovely lighting.

Anonymous said...

Good for Amy to not settle for her original article and made the extra effort to make it better! She is a wonderful writer! Was surprised by the fact that you were up REALLY early!!! bsk