Monday, December 19, 2016

Grace's World

Grace is the most curious of all our three cats.  She is always running from one spot in the house to another, to look out a different window or the storm door to get a view of whatever is going on outside.  It is fun to see how curious she is.  She is always paying attention.  Along with some other neighbors, we feed two outdoor cats - Grace's brother and her mother.  Today I was pouring some dry food into a dish, and Grace came racing through the kitchen headed for the back door.  She had correctly guessed that one of the outdoor cats was about to be fed.  So she lies on the floor, looking out through the storm door, the whole time her brother is eating.  These cats are endlessly fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

That's so interesting! Do the brother and sister pay attention to each other or is it just Grace who is curious? Does she hiss at him? I wonder what they would be like if they could be together in an open space. Seems so strange to have a domesticated sister and feral brother. But I guess that happens more often than not. Lovely portrait of your cat.