Friday, December 9, 2016

Parking My Car

Here is another example of me parking my car, and then noticing something nearby that makes a photograph.  Obviously I took this photograph a month or so ago.  I parked at the bank and looked out my side window and saw these grasses.  It was hard to get a picture out of the scene.  I needed to use a wide aperture on the lens, or everything would be sharp, both background and foreground, and then the fuzzy tops of the grasses would disappear into the background.


ken schwarz said...

Cool shot! And if this close-up pic was done with your toy camera, then it is especially impressive!

Ken Spencer said...

Primo: Actually I used my SONY a200k camera, because it was in the trunk, and it is easier to compose when I am looking through the lens with the viewfinder, instead of on a small screen on the back. I shot with the lens at 70mm, and wide open, to keep the background out of focus. Thanks for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Love the softness of this photo. bsk