Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Building a House

Liz and Amy and Kathy decided, when we first arrived in California, that they wanted to make a gingerbread house!  A lot of planning went in to the design of the building.  Here, using paper,  they are deciding the size and dimensions of the building.

They have rolled out the gingerbread, and are putting the paper templates on the uncooked dough, which they will then cut out with a knife, before baking.

Here are the cooked, decorated parts of the house, waiting for assembly.

And here is Liz, putting the finishing touches on the completed house.  What a brilliant creation!


Anonymous said...

After looking at these photos multiple times, I am inspired by this well planned Gingerbread house creation! I have never made one but will definitely bake/make one next year.I will definitely make a "master design"plan. It's just like cutting out fabric so that all the pieces fit together :-) bsk

Anonymous said...

Loved seeing the plan and steps along the way. So much easier to decorate flat surface, rather than completed standing house. Thanks

Ken Spencer said...

Yes, that is brilliant to learn to decorate the sides of the house BEFORE you assemble the pieces. The OTHER really big deal, is that the gingerbread they used for the house SHOULD HAVE been from a different recipe! We used Mom's coolie recipe and they had to re-cook the roof because it was sagging, AND they used some small sticks when they re-assembled it to keep it from sagging. Now you know all the tricks... :-)

Anonymous said...

Such great pics capturing the process! Yes, it was a long road to the finished product, but it was full of fun moments and felt AMAZING to see the finished product! Plus lots of gingerbread piece bites to be nibbled on along the way. :) -Amy