Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve Selfie

Amy has been master of the selfie since selfies started.  She does great photos just by extending her arm and guessing whether or not people will be in the photo.  Now she has a selfie stick.  So we had a gathering of the two families, and we had a friend of Liz and Amy's who has no family in Los Angeles, so he was invited to Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese food as well.  It was a grand time of wonderful conversations, and a couple of rounds of "Catchphrase" just for fun.  Then Amy said that of course we would need a selfie to mark the event, and she went to work.  I thought that this view, as I saw it was really wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Fun family Christmas Eve photo!

Anonymous said...

Happy to see their friends and that Amy and you got "the shot"! bsk