Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Presipio

This is what I was photographing at the church the other day.  It is one part of the Presepio at St Brigid's Church.  It consists of three sections in an alcove where the choir sits.  In total it is perhaps forty feet long and includes this nativity scene and angel tree, a model of the church, and several buildings along a street, and is made up of three thousand pieces!   This is the 25th year it has been set up.  Presepio translates as "crib" but refers to nativity scenes.  The detail of the figures is just astounding.  These figures have been hand made in Italy, out of terra cotta and papier mache, and cloth. It is a sight to see! 


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely stunning. I imagine seeing it in person would take your breath away. Wonderful that the people your church set this up each year.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful! So glad you took photos. The details are amazing. It really is great that the church sets it up every year so everyone can enjoy! bsk