Sunday, December 18, 2016

Plain Old Sunset at the Harbor

I am giving you a plain old sunset, down at the harbor.  I took this a few days back on one of my late day walks.  I thought that what made this interesting was the small stream of water, curving down to the edge of the harbor.  And of course some clouds.  Kind of a plain vanilla shot, but certainly better than yesterday's Christmas lights in snow, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

You can't beat a sunset for cranking up the WOW moments in life. This may be "Plain Old Sunset at the Harbor" to someone who has taken so many pictures of sunsets, but they will always be one of the more glorious shows put on by nature, especially by the water. But even those of us who are more land-locked can enjoy what a sunset will do to bring a sky to life at dusk! Never think your photos of nature are plain-old anything. You capture the essence of the best things in life we can all enjoy without spending a penny.

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you so much for your really nice comments! Wow! I guess I take living 5 minutes from this harbor for granted, which is unfortunate. There are so many wonderful things that happen to water as the sky and the light change through out the day. I guess it's good that I pay attention. Your comment made my day. Thanks.