Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Contemplating Rothko

As we continued exploring exhibits in the Met, we ended up in a series of galleries for an exhibit titled "Epic Abstrraction."  And guess who had a number of paintings in the first gallery?  Right!  Mark Rothko, who I am slowly coming to understand as I spend more time with his paintings.  I was standing looking at just one painting, and looked over to my right, and here was Ginger, almost lost in the darkness between two Rothko works.  The yellow and red one to the left is titled "No. 13. (White, Red on Yellow)  That is my favorite in this gallery.  The other painting, nearly all red-orange it titled "No. 21"  What I loved about this photograph is Ginger, seemingly small, surrounded by these huge paintings with brilliant colors.

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Anonymous said...

This photo of Ginger shows how large these paintings. Very colorful!