Friday, September 20, 2019

Off The Grid

I will be off the grid for a week.  Here is a map of my flight from my flight planning software.  I am leaving tomorrow morning from LaGuardia and Stan and I are flying to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  1639 nautical miles and 4 hours 23 minutes.  Then we drive to Yellowstone National Park where we will be camping for a week with three other friends - Rush from Albuquerque, and Preston and his wife from Manhattan.  I am excited about returning to Yellowstone.  I was there 30 years ago, in the spring of 1989, to photograph the results of the fires of 1988.  I can't wait to spend time in Yellowstone again!  So we are camping, and I will be off the grid for a week.  I will be home by next Saturday.  See you all then.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your travels. I will miss your daily blog.

Babs said...

Happy Trails, pardner! Remember...don't squat with your spurs on!!! Yee-Haw from the Lawn Guyland cow persons, Babs and Will