Sunday, September 1, 2019

Oh Goodie! More Condos!

Fun with my drone today!  There has been a lot of construction down the road for the last few months.  There are piles of sand all along the roadway, so it is impossible to see what's going on behind the sand.  So I went down there with my drone, so that I could fly up and get an aerial view of the property to see what was going on.  Holy cow!  That is some big project!  Look at the extent of these concrete walls!  They have been talking about building condominiums here for years, and now they are finally doing it.  I cannot imagine what these buildings are going to look like when they are done.

This property once contained large oil storage tanks, which were demolished years ago, and the property has been empty since.  One thing I have decided to do, is to go there and photograph the site from the ground, from all different directions, to record the scene for history.  And then, of course, I will document the buildings that get built here, because I know you all will want to see what happens.  By the way, up beyond those white tanks in the upper right hand corner of the photo, is where the old power plant was located, before it was demolished.


Anonymous said...

The drone is amazing for the view it is able to get. I imagine the selling of those condos on the water on Long Island is going to make someone very rich! It will be interesting to see them when they are all built. Trace

Anonymous said...

It's great that you will be able to capture the ongoing building of the condos with your drone. Looking forward to future views. betsey

Anonymous said...

Glad you went with your drone. When they are built, you will lose the view of the water, unless you want to buy one for a million. Look forward to photos as they progress.

ken schwarz said...

So glad you are a drone pilot and world class photographer! I will be very interested to see how this project turns out. Not all development is bad and that particular site should benefit if the architect and developer plan something in keeping with the character of the surrounding area. The old power plant and rusty tanks didn't look so great, in my opinion. I think your sister, Joan, might be under estimating the cost of admission but maybe a million bucks will buy a one bedroom unit facing the road! Sign me up for two bedrooms with a harbor view!