Thursday, September 12, 2019

This is Hopeless

These are photographs of our side yard.  The lawn here is hopeless...   :-(   It is a never ending battle to try and keep grass growing here - always has been.  So as a fool's errand, I got out a small garden cultivator that I have owned for 30 years, got it started and then attacked some of the bare spots.  Not all of them, because there are way too many.  Just ones near the driveway.  The above photo shows what it looks like after the cultivator chewed down into the soil about 4 or 5 inches.

Then I spread some peat moss on all the cultivated areas.  Then I bought some compost, and spread a thin layer of that on top of the peat moss.  Then I raked all that together.  I added some starter fertilizer, and some grass seed, and lightly raked the seed into the soil, and watered it.  So these two photographs show the finished work.  Now we wait for the beautiful lawn to appear...   As if!

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Babs said...

Oh, Ken...we have EXACTLY the same situation! Our next-door neighbor's retaining wall (railroad ties) collapsed into our yard this summer. After they rebuilt the wall, our yard was left with a swath of dirt, rocks and who-knows-what. They promised to fix the mess, and although it was there for the entire month of August, they made good last week. Their yard-guys came and raked, graded, planted seeds, put down peat moss and now our yard looks just like yours!! We've been watering and hope that some grass will appear after all of this work! Thanks for sharing your similar yard story!! There is hope....Babs