Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday in Church

During Mass today, we were listening to the Homily (Sermon) and I happened to look over to my right and saw this scene.  This is Marie, and her two boys, who are our friends.  You may remember that I took them to the Cradle of Aviation Museum some time ago.  We usually sit near to them each week, and get to chat for a bit before the service starts.  When I saw this, I didn't dare use my small camera on my belt, so I used my iPhone instead, and quietly took this photograph.  It reminds me of some of those Norman Rockwell paintings of a number of people shown in profile.  I really love this photo.

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ken schwarz said...

I do like the composition of the three profiles; however, it appears that the two boys are not fully engaged in Sunday's Homily. The young boy's mind has drifted off to another place while the older brother is taking a nap.