Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Good as New!

This was an exciting day - we got the Impala back from the auto body shop!  And man, does it look great!  It is a 2013 car, so the finish was getting a bit tired.  I had even thought of taking the car to a "detailing shop" where they go over the car and give new life to the finish.  We did it to Kathy's 2005 Toyota, and it looked like a new car!  Well, I guess the body shop rejuvenated the finish to this car after they did all the body work from the crash, and then repainted the replacement parts.  So it's fun to have a shiny new car.  But now I'm afraid to drive it down the road, for fear that someone will crash into me.  That's how I feel whenever we get a new car!

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Anonymous said...

Good news and your car looks great. Safe travels.