Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BIG Icicles

I cannot remember icicles during any recent winters, and certainly not collections of icicles this large! These things are amazing in their size. I hate to try and calculate the weight on the gutters! I put the gutters up myself, and was careful to do a good job. I will say that I can't wait for some of these to start melting to take the load off the gutters and the roof. One cool thing which you might overlook... Notice on the bottom right hand icicle, there is a drop of water which has just left the point, and is falling. I caught the drop in mid flight. Just a small subtlety which I thought worth pointing out.

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Anonymous said...

Cool photo, but I am beginning to think we should not have gutters like those who live in VT, NH & Maine. The ice backs up and now people are having water damage in their homes. I cannot get to my gutters to knock the icicles off.