Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blue Sky & Sunshine

I was riding my bike along the water on the last leg of my ride today when I was struck by the beauty of the blue water, blue sky and sunshine. It seems like such a wonderful change from snow and rain and fog. I wasn't planning to stop, but I found all the blue irresistible and pulled over in order to take this picture. It was nice that as I stopped, this couple walked by. I spent some time working on how I cropped this. I decided finally to cut into the branches on the left. I was reluctant to chop into the branches, but realized that the final picture would make the trees seem more monumental.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what kind of trees they are? They look like Disney creations that will come to life and start moving at any moment

Ken Spencer said...

Oh, these are Sycamore trees. In Connecticut at least, they are known as "Buttonball trees." My grandparent's farm had several huge Buttonball trees in front of the farmhouse. They trim these back pretty severely every 10 years or so, so they don't just keep spreading. They trim them back so severely, that you would swear they are going to die. And then come spring, new shoots pop out of the "knuckles" at the end of the branches, and after a year or so, they fill out again.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Thanks.