Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Moon & The Hickory Tree

I took the garbage can down to the street last night, and turned to look up at the moon, as I always do, when it is visible in the sky. There were high thin clouds in front of the moon, which spread its light over a larger area, and made the silhouette of the hickory tree more obvious. I grabbed a tripod from the car and set about shooting. I moved around to put the moon where I wanted it, in the arms of the tree, then I needed to figure out what I wanted the picture to look like, based on the exposure time I selected. I tried longer exposures, which made a lighter picture, and showed more branches, but then after some thought, decided I liked the darker image which showed a bright spot in the center, but much less detail in the darker areas away from the moon. More mysterious, I thought.


Anonymous said...

Strange but cool photo.

Anonymous said...

It makes me think of an artist, when they hold up their hands to try to capture the image they want to transfer to canvas. beautiful picture