Saturday, February 26, 2011


I went out looking for a photograph in the mist and rain yesterday. In desperation I wandered over to the Japanese maple tree. Instead of seeing a group of branches, I saw this single branch, with some small threadlike thing hanging off the end of it. I have never seen this before. Anyhow, as I watched, the bright drop of water that caught my eye suddenly dropped off the branch! Oh no! But then as I watched, another drop slid down the branch, and replaced the first drop! This was repeated every thirty seconds or so. For some reason, it was really fun to watch. And frustrating, with the wind blowing the branch toward and away from me. I shot a lot of images, hoping one would be in focus, with a water drop on the branch. Lucky me, I got it. I was immediately struck, looking at this scene, by how minimalist this scene was. The photograph is made up of so little. I think the subject of the image is really the shape of the line made up by the branch, and, of course, the single water drop.

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