Sunday, February 6, 2011

Won't Be Going Out Today, I Guess

I ride by this car every day on my bike. I could always tell it was rarely used, because after a rainstorm, you could see sticks and rubbish stuck under the car wheels from the water that had run downhill. But this is at a whole other level! Man, this car is NAILED here. Wow! It will be really interesting to see how long before it is ice free. It seems as if it will be months before the owner can get the car out. But maybe with a few more days of 40 degrees or higher, like we had today, it may be sooner rather than later.


photodudeimages said...

This car is a survivor. Its driver side mirror has survived the pounding of the plows. It's amazing to see how many cars on the road have missing or wounded mirrors.

Anonymous said...

photodudeimages: WOUNDED mirrors?
man, i've never seen your pictures, but that's phrase comes from the heart of a writer!