Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well, this is probably not a mystery at all. You recognize, this right? I was trying to photograph something different today, and decided on a still life, instead of a landscape photo. Now, what to photograph? After a little while, I thought that maybe I could take my new bike chain, and try and make an abstract photograph of it. For aficionados, this is a SRAM 971, 9-speed chain. It is bunched it up to try and disguise it. I illuminated it with a spotlight, hoping that the dramatic lighting would help to disguise what it is. I am guessing I haven't fooled anyone.


ken schwarz said...

This is a wonderful black and white photo that leaves no doubt the subject is metal. The lighting and details are interesting and worthy of today's blog shot. The "mystery" is what happened to the original O.E.M. chain that prompted you to replace it with a new SRAM 971, 9 speed chain? I doubt the original bike chain failed. OK, so I'm not an aficionado when it comes to bikes and bike chains. I don't think my little two wheeler would know one chain from another.

Ken Spencer said...

I wore the chain out, believe it or not. I am putting MILEAGE on my bikes, son... :-)