Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Freedom Tower

I haven't yet begun to start posting all the photographs from Minnesota yet, but I saw this amazing scene on approach to LaGuardia this afternoon, and wanted to show it to everyone.  I haven't flown into or out of LaGuardia for a number of years - Jet Blue is based at JFK and that's my usual airport these days.  So it was fun to fly the approach that runs alongside the east side of Manhattan, and then to let down below the cloud deck and see Freedom Tower rising above everything else in lower Manhattan.  All I could think of was "The Greatest City in the World!"


ken schwarz said...

Great, great aerial photo of lower manhattan and the new Freedom Tower. I believe the developers, designers and builders of the new tower got it right!

Anonymous said...

Now this is an incredible photograph! Thank you for sharing this one. bsk

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both! Once in a while I take a *real* photograph!

Dean said...

8414Hi Ken-

Do you have a full-size color version I can play with? Have been working with shots from planes, and would like to play with this one a bit... Thanks!