Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Photographer

As part of the photo exhibit at the library, there are two panels which include a photograph and text for both the woman who produced the exhibit, and for me, the photographer.  This is my photograph, holding a picture of a Pan American Airways Boeing flying boat which began service to Europe in 1939.  This is the text under my photograph:

"Photographer Ken Spencer has always had a passion for Long Island’s aviation history.  As a staff photographer for Newsday starting in the late 1960’s it didn’t take long for him to discover that Long Island was the “cradle of aviation.”  Ken is a private pilot and earned his seaplane rating at Ventura Flying Service in Manorhaven."

“When I learned that Pan American Airways began its transatlantic air service out of Port Washington, it made my head spin!  How I would have loved to see these huge Boeing 214 flying boats in their heyday departing Port Washington for Europe!”


Photodude Images said...

Are there any photos of your head spinning?

Anonymous said...

Nice photo of you smiling for the camera. Is there a photographer saying "Smile or else" to you? Or did you set up a timer? I always enjoy your enthusiasm for the subjects/objects you are passionate about :-) bsk

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. Where did you get the photo of a 1939 plane to frame? Look forward to seeing the exhibit before it closes.

Ken Spencer said...

The picture of the flying boat is from the collection in the Port Washington Library local history collection. They have all kinds of wonderful photographs of airplanes, because Long Island is considered the cradle of aviation, and Port Washington was a center for amphibian aircraft.

Ken Spencer said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the question about me laughing. The woman who produced the exhibition took the photograph. She had watched me and the tricks I used to get my subjects to laugh. She used my own tricks on me to get the laugh!