Friday, September 26, 2014

My Lucky Day!

So yesterday was my lucky day!  I landed in Minneapolis, and immediately drove to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for a quick visit.  Got there at 2:45, thinking that it would close at 5.  But it was Thursday, and it was open until 9 PM!  Then there was a photo show that was being installed during the day, that I couldn't see.  But a staff member who I was talking with said that there would be a talk by the photography curator at 7 PM.  So not only did I get to see the photography show but got to meet and talk with the curator as well! In terms of visiting the museum, I kind of just wandered around.  I stumbled across this piece, above in the Egyptian section.   It is a detail from a false door that was once installed in a tomb.  What's amazing is that it was done in 2400 BC!  It is carved into the surface of a flat piece of stone.  It is a little funny when you look at it - you're not sure if the relief goes in, or comes out.  It goes in.  Please click on it to see it in detail.  It is a stunning carving and I studied it for a while.  When it was approaching 9 PM I was exhausted, so left the museum just before closing.  Look what I found on the way out!  The columns were illuminated by color lights.  Not the kind of thing you would expect with this kind of architecture, but I thought it was a wonderful and unexpected surprise.  Be sure and click on the first photo so you can see the carving in more detail.

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