Monday, May 22, 2017

Airborn Again!

I took the drone out, and went down to Tappan Beach again, this time to the playground.  The FAA rules do not allow a flight above people, so this children's playground set was a good subject because there were no kids around.  I was just looking for an abstract image, you know, like modern art...   :-)


Anonymous said...

Please post info on how high the drone is with aerial photographs. I'd like to know what things look like from various heights. Thanks!

Ken Spencer said...

Oh Sure. I think that it was about 50 feet up, more or less, and maybe less. Interesting thing I learned at the drone seminar for journalists was that the best altitude for most photos and video is from 50 feet up to 100 feet. As you get higher, details on the ground become smaller and smaller, and the photos and videos are less interesting. By law, the maximum altitude for drones is limited to 400 feet. Thanks for asking.