Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Red Couch

I was riding down this road at the start of my ride today, really hammering it. (That means I was using a lot of effort and going fast...)  Suddenly I saw this flash of red go by, and I screeched to a halt.  This looked like something different for the blog, so I had to shoot it!  What I immediately remembered was that another photographer bought a red couch, and took it all over the country and I think that he had people sit in it to be photographed.  Maybe there were no people - I can't remember.  You can buy the book on amazon for $4.00.  He had a larger couch, though.


Anonymous said...

Stopped in his tracks by a red couch. Looks like a comfy old thing. Sad that it no longer has a place to call home. In my younger years, I would have begged for a hand-me-down like this. Looks just right for snuggling. But we won't really know because you didn't take the time to sit and try it out.

Ken Spencer said...

You know, a couple of miles later on my bike ride, I thought that I should have used the self timer and photographed myself sitting on the couch in my cycling gear! The thing about photography is that you always think of one other thing you COULD have done, after you have left the assignment.

Dean said...

Hi Ken-
I also remember the book - here is a link with a few shots and video clips too:


Blogger said...

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