Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I took the garbage can out to the curb last night, and when I looked down our street I noticed that the next streetlight in the distance was burned out.  Having the street disappear into darkness was erie looking.  And of course you know that I really love spooky feeling things and places.  So I got my Mikon camera and tripod and did a number of long exposures.  I was disappointed to find that the images were not perfectly in focus.  So I waited until it was dark tonight, and went out again, this time with the Canon 6D.  This photo is as sharp as a tack! Whew!


Anonymous said...

I would like to have seen a picture of a car in the darkest area coming toward you, its lights resembling the eyes of a animal or unworldly object.

Anonymous said...

squint your eyes looking at the lit areas of the road. the dark and light areas are distinct, I see the face of Christ there.... nice photo

Anonymous said...

ps oh and one more thing, museum quality photos generally tell a story, or many stories, or speak to people in varied unique ways. they provoke emotion, or ideas, they are most often not at all technically excellent or precise in any particular way. just sayin'