Sunday, January 6, 2019

Balloon Monkey

This is a detail of a sculpture by Jeff Koons called "Balloon Monkey (Orange}" which is on display in one of the courtyards at LACMA.  I was photographing it, and then realized that it became more interesting when I moved closer and the photograph became an abstraction.  If you click on this and then look closely at the left side "balloon" you will see the reflections of Amy and Gus and I.

This is a photograph that shows more of the sculpture, along with Gus and Amy.  The sculpture looks as if it is made from those long thin balloons that you make figures from.  Except this sculpture is, according to the object label,  mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent color coating.


Anonymous said...

Easy to spot you with your red vans on. I remember being in Chicago with mirrored ball and how much fun it was to walk around and see yourself and others.

Anonymous said...

I spotted your red sneakers right away :-) I like the closeup of the Balloon Monkey reflecting the surroundings. betsey