Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Pretzel Man

One of the fun things about walking on the 3rd avenue promenade is that there are all kinds of performers along the route.  Mostly they are musicians, but there are some dancers, and then there was this guy.  I guess you would call him a contortionist.  He started by standing up and being very still, and then after maybe 30 seconds he started turning and bending, and the next thing he was bent in half.  Then he grabbed his ankles and rolled himself up until he looked like this and then he rolled himself along the promenade!  I look at this and can't conceive how a human body can possible get into this position.  This is crazy!


Anonymous said...

What, you can't do this? :-) I can't even touch my toes anymore. You must love visiting the boardwalk in Venice and enjoying all the performers.

Anonymous said...

Pretzel Man is a great title for this photo! Incredible. betsey