Saturday, January 26, 2019

The New York Public Library!

OK, so this is crazy.  This is the New York Public Library, and I don't think I have been here for perhaps 40 years!  That is stupid! I think I saw an exhibit of some documents or antiquarian books at the time.  But it is nuts that I don't come here!  This is a photograph of the 5th avenue entrance of the building.  I photographed with trees and without trees, and prefer this one.

This is the McGraw Rotunda.  It is rich with these ceiling murals and wall murals that illustrate the history of the written word.

And this is the huge Rose Main Reading Room, which is as long as a football field.  What an amazing place this library is.  And these are only two photographs of the inside, on only one floor.  I was so impressed that I signed up for a library card!


Anonymous said...

What a magnificent building inside and out! I love the artwork and the architecture. I also like the lighting of the library in the first picture and the trees in front. Trace

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos of this amazing building. The architecture from the late 1800's is stunning with such beautiful detail.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big the New York Public Library is! The main reading room looks huge! I'm so used to my small local library. What a beautiful "old" building. I like the McGraw Rotunda with its' amazing ceiling murals. I am happy that you have a library card now. Is there a local library in your town or nearby? betsey