Monday, January 21, 2019


I don't have to tell anyone what the temperatures have been.  My first clue when the temps go low is when I wake up and there are ice crystals on the windows!  That was the case this morning.  The crystals happen when the moisture in the house comes in contact with the freezing cold glass and crystals form.  It is amazing how the ice crystals form in lines, that look as if they were drawn with a ruler, and then suddenly change direction.

This view is looking up and toward the sky, which is why it is so blue in color.

This is the same window, but I am looking out and down at the bushes across the street.

I like to think of this as two mountains with pine trees growing on them!  I had a lot of fun looking for interesting "scenes" on the windows this morning.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful but makes me cold. The joys of an older home without insulated windows.

Dean said...

Know what would make it even more impressive? Two words... Time lapse!

Ken Spencer said...

Thanks Dean! That means getting up in the middle of the night, and using a cold light source so's to not melt the crystals! Maybe I will try time lapse after I master that multiple image focus thing... :-)

Anonymous said...

I like how the images are so different! It was extremely cold - that that I didn't have to work or drive throughout the ice storm. betsey