Wednesday, January 9, 2019

More Calder Sculptures

I have decided to show you some more of the Calder sculptures in the exhibit.  This large black one is called "The Beast" from 1940.  The red sculpture above it in the distance, is called "Red Maze III" 1954.

Moving to a completely different scale is this much smaller piece called "Untitled" from 1947.

And this really tall sculpture is called, interestingly enough, "Tree" from 1941.  The mobiles are all delightful to see, slowly rotating around with the drafts in the rooms.  They provoked in me a childish delight in how this artist dreamed up all the shapes, and then figured out how to balance them all. These pieces are all masterful!


Anonymous said...

So creative so long ago.

Ken Spencer said...

Yes, Calder is just amazing, and it feels good to see his work.

Anonymous said...

Besides the huge Stegosaurus sculpture in Hartford next to City Hall, I have only seen some of his smaller pieces in galleries. It's nice to see more of his pieces. Thank you for posting these. betsey