Friday, January 25, 2019

Skyscrapers at Dusk

I walked to the New York Public Library along 42nd street, and passed this building.  It is the Bank of America Tower, which was completed in 2009 and at a height of 1,200 feet is now the 5th tallest building in New York City.  Clearly it is not a rectangle from top to bottom - it is not an illusion that the upper left hand edge is "bent."  It is so much fun to see illuminated sky scrapers at dusk, when the sky still has a blue cast.  The city never fails to be magical!  I just realized I did not do this building justice, or do a good job journalistically by not showing you what this building looks like from some distance away, so that you can see its height.

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Anonymous said...

I like seeing both views of the building. Spectacular view with all the lights at night. betsey