Saturday, April 13, 2019


I showed you a couple of photographs with my just converted Infrared camera, a week or so ago.  They were both in black & white.  I was experimenting some more.  This is what an image directly from the camera looks like - a bright magenta.  After some manipulation with the camera settings, my pictures are no longer this color - they are much closer to neutral.  But I find that I am fascinated with this brilliant color for some reason.  What I have been doing, starting with the camera Dean loaned me, is to take the above image and remove all the color, and I am left with a black & white image which I think is more aesthetically pleasing, as below.

You will be seeing some more photographs with this camera over time.  Right now the leaves are not on the trees yet, and the green leaves rendered as white are what make the infrared photographs so interesting.  Notice in this photograph that the blue sky is deep black, because the sky does not radiate any infrared light.

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