Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Early One Morning

One morning we wanted to be at Grand Prismatic Spring before sunrise, so we got up early and headed south.  The route from the campground to the spring runs along - get this - the Firehole River!  Is that a great name?  This river is warmer than normal rivers because many of the thermal features with hot water, empty into the river.  So on cold mornings there is fog all around the river.  Stan was driving, you will be glad to know, and so I got to photograph all along the route, and this is one of the photographs from the drive.


Babs said...

I love the foggy mystery of this photo...with just the red tail-lights adding any color to the scene. Very dramatic!! Just glad that I wasn't the person who had to drive through this mist! Babs

Anonymous said...

The evergreens are beautiful and I love how the mountain rises above and the river flows below. I also like the way the road curves. Trace