Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Ovid Farmhouse, Update

I made my usual stop at the abandoned farmhouse, in Ovid, NY.  Each time I stop I see more and more deterioration.  The front door is now gone and the doorway is boarded up, I guess to keep curious people like me out!  The roof is more and more collapsed each time.  There used to be a front porch and now that has collapsed into rubble.  It is hard to explain my fascination with the deterioration of this building but I have been photographing it for years now.

This is a detail of part of the second story.  I had never photographed this part of the house before, but in seeing how the clapboards have fallen off the wooden sheathing underneath gives more of a sense of a house coming undone.

I was looking for some kind of close up to add variety to these photographs.  I found this window with vines growing around it.  Love that the vine on top of the window has turned red because of Fall.


Anonymous said...

Sad that this home continues to deteriorate and yet someone took the time to board up the front door. It is crazy that the clapboard siding is just falling away from the second story. I don't see any hope that one day you will pass by and this will have been restored. Look forward to your next annual visit to this site.

ken schwarz said...

The second photo is interesting. Roof corbels added some beautiful detail to this old farm house. I noticed exposed sheathing on the second floor ran vertically rather than horizontally or at forty-five degrees, which would greatly increase structural integrity to the building. Try to climb through a window next year to see if the second floor exterior walls are reinforced in some other way!

Ken Spencer said...

I think that maybe boarding up the front door was important for legal reasons, in case someone tried to sleep there, perhaps. Years ago I had seen one or two cars parked there and I thought that perhaps temporary farm workers were sleeping there. I think that even 20 years ago when I first started photographing this house, it was way too far gone to be saved, sad to say.

Babs said...

Hi, always, the photos of this dear house are my favorites. It tugs at my heartstrings and I wish that it could be saved. Thanks for continuing to document its life and death. The photos are very poignant. Babs

Anonymous said...

Sad that the house is so far gone. I like the closeup photo of the window because of the colorful fall leaves. betsey