Friday, October 18, 2019

The Man in the Moon!

I went to the George Eastman House today to see some of the exhibits.  It is always a relaxing, enjoyable, and educational experience to spend time there.  They had an exhibit of both cameras and some photographs relating to the Apollo 11 anniversary.  After I left that gallery I was wandering down the hall, and saw this beautiful carved and painted moon, fastened to a box.  There was no one around, so I had to find a museum employee who could take my picture, and he was very nice and agreed to take this photograph.  So I am posting it for all of you to see, so that you can have a good laugh!  It is interesting that the Metropolitan Museum of Art had that Moon exhibit I spoke of in a post a month or so ago, and they had hundreds of old photographs that were taken like this!


Anonymous said...

A fun photograph indeed! Thanks for the morning smiles.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my big brudder looks like a little kid sittin' on the moon! And what a nice moon it is! betsey

Anonymous said...

this gave me a big smile...... sitting on the moon.