Sunday, October 27, 2019

How to Photograph a Bride

At Photo Expo there are demonstrations everywhere.  They can be about cameras, or lenses or lighting or posing.  I think this demonstration was about lighting.  The legs at the top of the photo are those of an assistant holding an electronic flash up above and behind the bride, which puts a backlight on her. 


Anonymous said...

I was so distracted by her huge flowering headpiece, I never noticed the legs of the man lighting he up!

Alex Smith Taylor said...

Hi Ken,
Ron shared this with me as he follows you everyday. Whenever I think of brides and photography I think of you and Mom. I have so many photos all over our house of photo shoots that you and Mom did together. The one that stands out most is the one from the Wainscott wedding shoot. It hangs in our entry way and I acknowledge it and it’s glory every day. It gets more comments from guests than any other pic in our house and we have lots. Love to you and Cathy. Hope you all come visit soon. xo

Ken Spencer said...

Hi Alex: Thank you so much for your lovely note! I don't have your email address, which I would prefer for a reply, but I have Ron's email so I have written to him asking for your email, so I can write back to you.