Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Firemaker

Each campsite comes with a fire ring, and so after the first night, we decided to buy some firewood and have a campfire.  I guess I volunteered to start and tend to the fire.  Here's something interesting - you cannot cut any firewood in a national park, and you can't pick up any fallen tree branches.  Everything stays where it belongs.  So you go to the vendors in the campground and buy a box of pre cut firewood.  From Idaho!  You cannot bring your own firewood into the park because they are afraid of you bringing insects in the wood and having to deal with an infestation.  So you buy a box or two for the evening's fire.  I can't remember when I made my last campfire - probably 60 years ago.  But my Boy Scout training kicked in and I had Rush's hatchet and went to work.  I actually ended up with a decent fire, and it was lovely once it got dark to have the warm glow of the fire and the warmth at our campsite.


Anonymous said...

Good job Scout! I was surprised to hear of the strict guidelines regarding firewood especially not being able to bring your own wood for fear of insects. It all makes sense, I just never thought about it before.

Anonymous said...

Would never have thought about all the regulations for camp fires. Incredible. Boy Scout training indeed - great looking fire! betsey

Ken Spencer said...

Thank you both for complimenting your brother on his fire making skills!