Thursday, October 17, 2019

Vince & Jo Anne's New Home!

Vince and Jo Anne moved into their new home in the early part of September, after living in their other house for 42 Years.  Their other house was only 5 miles away from their new condo.  It is a lovely home and all on one floor, and they won't have to use a snow blower or mow the lawn!

This is a view of some of the neighboring condos that gives a sense of the community.  It is a lovely neighborhood and the buildings are beautifully designed.  Note the overcast skies - hey, we're in Rochester, and they have a lot of overcast skies here!


Anonymous said...

Lovely that they are individual homes and all on one floor. I remember you posting when they were under construction.

Anonymous said...

The new house looks really nice and great that it's all on one floor. betsey